FES Defense

Defense from hackers and spammers

FES defense - a set of useful programs to protect your PC from hackers and spammers and more. It includes:
1. Bank account keeper. The program allows you to use spreadsheet type tables inside encoded text files. Automatical calculation of totals by columns and rows. If you keep bank account information, the program automatically multiple currency price by amount. You can also use MS Excel for this purpose, but Excel files are not encoded with 2048-bit encoding key. More over, there are many programs to crack Excel files. 2048-bit key encoding is good defence.
2. Website(s) password keeper. Also with 2048-bit key encoding.
3. Alarm-clock.
4. Safe web browse tools (with deleting all active content before browsing). Then you can see a web page in Notepad! Heckers can't deceive your browser in this case.
5. Secure notes editor. Allows you do encode/decode your notes with 2048-bit key encoding.
6. File encoder/decoder - allows you do encode/decode your files with 2048-bit key encoding.
7. Pop3 e-mail client with anti-Spam tools allowing saving your input and output e-mails with 2048-bit key encoding. If you receive huge SPAM e-mails, you now can review only several rows and remove them without downloading.
8. Defence from Internet worms.
9. Plus much more. System Requirements: Windows 98 or above.

Price: $19.95 USD Category: Business & Finance Screenshot: Added: Oct 12th 2018 Publisher: FinExcelSoft Homepage: http://finexcelsoft.50webs.com