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Financial Excel templates

A set of financial, statistic Excel templates and software.
1(a) - 5, 10 and 15 Year Project Investment NPV and EVA Excel templates
Source data: depreciated rate, tax rate, discount rate, fixed and current
assets, sales of products, WACC, and more.
1(b) - NPV, IRR, ROIC, EBIT calculation for a period 2-100 years.
2. IS Financial Calculator. Calculates NPV, IRR, XNPV, XIRR even more correctly
then these Excel's functions.
3. Financial Excel templates - business valuation, forecast, securities, amortization,
fixed and balloon mortgage / loan with amortization schedule, annuities, investment.
4. Statistic Excel templates - regression and correlation analysis, partial correlation.
5. FES emailer - safe POP3 email client with many features including: SPAM blocker,
resender from one email account to another one, safe saving of emails - with
2048 bit encoding, multiple passwords, and much more. Allows you to remove emails
without downloading them.
6. FES Notes - text editor with 2048 bit encoding, multiple passwords. Allows you to safely
save financial documents, passwords and so on. Also allows you to find your note.
7. FES alarm - allows you to set a month, day, year, hours, and minutes and track the time.
8. Safe Web Browser - allows you to download web pages, remove any dangerous
content (scripts and more) from them, save and pass them to your notepad.
Please note that the Notepad can't run any virus or worm!
You can use this to check the page content before visiting
suspicious web page using your browser.
9. Alarm-Clock.
10. Allows you to encode the files with 2048 bit key.
11. Inventory Manager for Excel - Excel add-in - inventory accounting with hierarchic
groups of items - car's inventory and so on.

1. Allows you to encode your input and output e-mails with 2048-bit key. Now nobody can read your e-mails.
2. Allows you to save your notes with 2048 bit key encoding. Now nobody can read your notes, reports, account information and more.
3. Browser vulnerability is very important problem. This software allows you to download Internet page and remove ALL active content! Then software saves this page in the file and opens a Notepad to view this file!
4. A virus and worm problem in e-mails is very important now. This software allows you to view the e-mail, but has no tools to run its active content! A virus or worm can't anything do in this case!

Delivery: Immediate download contains only all Excel templates and IS Financial Calculator. Other software is optional and supplied by your inquiry within 1 day.

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