AVstrike Antivirus - 1 PC 2 Year License

AVstrike is the ultimate in virus, malware and spyware protection!

? Multi-Layer Threat Defence:
AVStrike provides the power of an advanced multi-layer threat defence system by combining anti-malware controls, PC Cleaner and Disk Cleaner.

? Non-Intrusive Behaviour:
AVStrike runs with a minimal background footprint, keeping your PC free to perform CPU intensive tasks. It?s almost invisible. Online Fraud Protection/Digital Identity Protection/Social Networking Protection Now browse the Internet with utmost confidence. Our Identity, Fraud and Social Networking protection ensures that you can share all your information with friends and family, people whom you trust.

? Anti-Bot Protection:
Detects bot-attacks using action-identification rather than the traditional signature detection technique, preventing computers from being hijacked and controlled by hackers.

? One Click Installation:
AVStrike provides a clean and simple installation, which can be deployed in minutes through a very easy UI. There are no tedious upgrades and maintenance requirements, keeping you up to date automatically ? always.

? Easy to use Management Console:
No more staring at the screen and wondering what option to check. AVStrike has one of the cleanest and user friendly management consoles, without losing out any functionality and advanced features.

? Optimize Windows:
Now get the best out of your Windows System by fine tuning your system with tools like Disk Cleaner, PC Cleaner, Start up Manager and Registry Cleaner & Defragmenter.

Price: $59.99 USD Category: Antivirus Screenshot: Added: Oct 3rd 2014 Publisher: Avstrike LLC Homepage: http://www.av-strikesoftware.com/