Kidiok 1 Licence - Windows

"A kid friendly web browser for viewing only parent approved websites"

"A kid friendly web browser for viewing only parent approved websites." Protect your children from the dangers of the internet, with this kid friendly web browser you can protect your children in a controlled and fun environment! The Biggest Problem With Kids Having Access To The Internet Is?? You have no idea wnat they are looking at and when, you cant be there all the time and as every good parent that wants to protect their child knows, you need to put measures in place. This is why we created: ?kidiok? This easy to use browser allows parents to store their child's favorite websites and view those websites in a controlled and fun environment. Description Simply browse to the websites you want your child to access and add them to the list. Use rules to allow entire domains or restrict access to a single page or directory. Then switch to Kid Mode, a simple full screen browser with a custom homepage for your child. In Kid Mode your child can access all their favorite websites by clicking on the large website icons, but cannot navigate to pages outside that domain or pages that do not match your rules. Get These Great Features: Allows browsing only on websites that are approved by the parent Easily add websites by browsing the web Large icons on the homepage allows your child to easily find the links to their favorite websites Customize your child's homepage with the included artwork, custom colors or your own images Kid Mode allows easy browsing with three simple commands: Back, Forward and Home Require a password to exit Kid Mode, limit browsing sessions, and view browsing logs Kid mode is fullscreen and prevents accidental clicking outside of the program Clicking on advertisements is prevented, and many advertisements are blocked completely using a built in list of ad servers.

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