Mapsoft Impress Pro (Windows)

Mapsoft Impress Pro is a powerful plug-in for use with Adobe Acrobat which allows you to stamp the pages of PDF documents with text stamps. You can stamp single files with either single or multiple impressions, or you can stamp more than one file at the same time with one or more impressions. The ability to use ImpressPro in batch mode is one of the most powerful features of this tool. You can even save a named impression and re-use it again and again. Text can be stamped either as a watermark, which is on a layer below all of the existing page content, or as an overlay above any existing material where it can be used for headers/footers, page numbering etc. If using Acrobat Version 5 (or later), text placed in the foreground can also be transparent, so allowing the text below it to remain visible. All TrueType and Type 1 fonts available on your system can be used in your text-stamp. This tool can also be used for adding page numbers (in a variety of formats including Bates numbering and Roman numerals). You can easily include other variable information (for example, time/date details) which can be combined with the page numbering or added elsewhere. You can also use Impress Pro to stamp an unbroken sequence of page numbers across multiple files. It is possible to preview your results so making experimentation easy.

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