PDF to TIFF Converter (x64)

PDF to TIFF Converter(x64) convert PDF to TIFF.

PDF to TIFF Converter is a easy to use software that can convert PDF to TIFF, It using adjustable compression mode, colors, resolution (dpi) and can produce professional-level TIFF image. PDF to TIFF Converter doesn't requires Adobe Acrobat and other third-party library and supports convert a multipage PDF document into one multiple-page TIFF image. Supports convert PDF document to B&W, 16, 256, 24bit color and grayscale TIFF image. The software also support lunch from command line and the user can easy integrating the software to other application. Major advantage of PDF to TIFF Converter support batch process mode, You can convert a hundred of PDF document at one time. Fast speed. support English, French, German, Italian,chinese,Janpanese and other language PDF files. support CIDFont and Type1,Type 3,TrueType font and all embedded fonts. support all Windows platforms(32 bit and 64 bit),Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8. support drag and drop files support LZW,JPEG, Packbits, CCITT FAX3 and CCITT FAX4. support convert PDF to Multiple-page TIFF. support convert PDF to B&W,16 color,256 color, true color and grayscale TIFF image. support convert PDF to 72-800 dpi TIFF image. support PDF 1.7 (formerly only supported by Acrobat6.0) support run from command line.

Price: $29.95 USD Category: Multimedia & Design Screenshot: Added: Oct 12th 2018 Publisher: LD Software,Inc Homepage: http://www.digitzone.com